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Hi. There’s something super daunting about a first blog post. Eep. There are so many things that I have to say but none of them scream ‘worthy’ of being the very first blog. So, to be honest, I just want to get this one out of the way. Here are some ramblings and feelings :)

PRESENT AND PANTRY- This sweet little homemakery business is such a joy of mine. I’ve been a homemaker for a measly 8 years, and goodness- I’ve had a lot of victory and defeat in this industry ;) I’m still carving my own path on what homemaking looks like for me and my family, and I hope P+P will be a resource to fellow homemakers. There are a ton of fun products, solutions, and experiences up our sleeves and we’re beyond pumped to share them with you!

MY HEART- All the feels. Seriously. I am so dang excited that you’re here, and reading. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

SHOUT OUTS- I am nothing without my sweet village. And when I say nothing, I mean, nada. My husband, Drew has been my ignition. He puts the ‘getter’ in go-getter, and inspires me daily with his giant zest for life, his family, and innovation. My sweet friend, Tracy Holland has been a fabulous think tank partner and crafter- she’s amazing and will likely be posting some of her own adorable home products! We plan to collaborate a ton in the future because boy, this girl has an eye for all things cute and adorable! My parents on all the sides have made giant impacts on my life, and this little business! Mom & Buffy- legal and entrepreneurial advice runs deep and rich. Daddy & Rhonda- numbers, numbers, numbers. Mama Mercer & Pops- homemaking inspiration and graphics galore. Precious friends and family that I deeply admire will likely serve on the P+P elder board include Alison Smith, Jenn Loyd, Carey Bailey, and JoAnna Gaines- Really, just 3 out of those 4… but we’ve got our sights on big things, right?

And just like that- the first blog post is done! Whoop! Stay tuned for fun thoughts and ramblings from my heart and head :)

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