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Present + Pantry aims to be creative and inspirational on the home front. Our ideas come from a plethora of different places and people. Certainly friends and collaborators are a giant think tank for us, but mainly function and creativity. Inside of the home we ask the question "What will solve this problem?" <Function> And then comes, "How can I make that solution adorable?" <Creativity> Here's an example.

I spend tons of time, literally a ton #thousandpoundproblems, picking up drink cups from my family members. Maybe you know this problem? It seems like everyone wakes up and grabs their cup for coffee, water, juice, etc. And then as if a tornado and amnesia collided ("tornasia?") suddenly there is a black hole of cups everywhere... and it's only 10am. What the what? And then, after spending all of this time trying to gather the cups I hear my husband say, "What did you do with my cup?" Arg. Well, honey, that cup that was sitting on the floor under a pile of ants and green pea baby food, next to the sliding glass door, completely empty? That has been washed and put back to its rightful place since I saw you holding 7 drink cups since then. Enter- problem. Now, the ask "How can I solve this problem?" I need a place for all cups to be held in a safe zone of sorts. Family members will have one drink cup, and it should be placed back in the drink zone. Should I see said drink cup sitting inside of the fireplace, I can put it away. Now, problem solved <Function> but how can I make such safe zone, cute? <Creativity>

Real life in the Mercer Kitchen!

Function + Creativity are giant pillars in the Present + Pantry mission. So, cheers to all of you drink picker upper people... let's get this one behind us!

When we create products for our shop, we hope to solve these problems for families and homes... and do it adorably. We'll have crates like these available in our shop in a few months...

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