ABOUT              TEAGAN

Ahhh you're here! Okay, acting normal. Hi sweet shopper! I'm Teagan Mercer. I'm a stay at home mom to loud littles and a wife to a busy husband. I started Mercer Makery with a giant heart for my home.  And the overflow of that love poured out onto this shop. 

I create pieces that are meaningful, customizeable, and heartfelt. 

And, I love this relationship you and I have. I love the stories behind the pieces you order. I love your heart for your homes, and people, and life. So many of you have purchased every single one of these items for your home. I have made updated wreath inserts for weddings, to babies, to birthdays. And honestly, this lasting relationship I have with you shoppers is so real to me. I feel like we're doing life together, and that's so deeply dear to me. 

A B O U T  M E


I was born in Texas and raised in San Diego. I met Drew the first day of college at BIOLA University in the LA area... Fast forward a few years I graduated with a degree in social work & psychology, and made Drew my husband a few weeks later :). We moved to Arizona in 2009 and haven't looked back!

My vocation pre-mommy was all things weddings for resort venues in the valley. We now have three beautiful children (Ace Bruin, Andie Beloved and August Brave) who keep our hearts sweetly beating. When not with the kiddos, or washing dishes, or trying to hop in the shower...

I enjoy sitting down for a full meal, love songs, the Bachelor, laughing with my hub, and creating! 



B A C K G R O U N D   


I'm completely self, and YouTube taught :) As a kid I was never the best student. Grades were fine, but certainly not extraordinary. My notes though? Perfection. I never knew I could have a dream job of doodling and creating heartfelt goods... but here I am. There have been seasons of my life where I couldn't make time for art. But I have learned that I need it, especially in times of exhaust and tire.  Creating is a piece of me. And a sacred place for my heart in order to fully thrive in this world. 


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